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Kristi Brown

Spring, Texas

Phone: (936) 828-7687

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Kristi is a non-narcotic pain relief techniques, optimizing health, and Spiritual, emotional, or physical issues, over 35 years of health care experience and have also studied Touch of Healing, and she is a Reiki Master Teacher. She loves energy medicine and how empowering it is. She hopes to transmit this as something that can be helpful and self-empowering to you.

Sandra Ciarochi

Duncanville, Texas 75137

Phone: (469) 222-4747

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Sandi is LPC and Licensed Dietitian.  She practices alternative integrative therapy. Her practices involvles cognitive behavioral therapy laced with many energy medicine modalities: EEM, TAT, and many multisensory therapies. Her practice is based on accupressure sites of the Indian chakras and Chinese meridians.  Her clients are highly motivated and interact with these modalilities and achieve a high degree of success in their lives. Sandi works with clients on many levels and helps them with their soul journey/purpose in life.

Richard Cinta

Spring, Texas


Phone: (281) 546-8470

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Houston based Study Group and support in Donna Eden’s style of Energy Medicine.
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Jeanne Cook, M.D.

Austin, Texas


Phone: Office is Moving, Update Soon

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Jeanne is a family practitioner in Austin, Texas.  She first studied with Donna Eden at a 5-day Basic Course in Costa Rica and since has co-authored an acclaimed paper with Donna and 3 others called "An Energy Practitioner's Guide to Medical Emergencies" (available as a free download from ). Jeanne has served on the teaching staff at two of Donna's classes.

Mary Grace Crissey

San Antonio, Texas

Phone: (210) 442-7428

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Mary Grace is a year 2 student of EEMCP with body work training in CranioSacral from Upledger institute, NIA dance, Feldenkrais, Pilates, yoga and Suzanne Scurlock- Durana’ s program “Full Body Presence”.  Served 21 years in the US Air Force as a mathematician, ballet dancer and water aerobics instructor.  Now as a charismatic spirit filled Christian, she markets movement and health workshops in her local community of san Antonio as an event planner.  Website:


Mary Murphy Edwards


Sugar Land, Texas


Phone: (281) 903-7158

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Master Murphy is a 6th degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate/T'ai Chi.  She is also a 2-year graduate of the EEMCP and a full-time practitioner.  Special interests include back/joint health and women's health.  She is available for private sessions as well as seminars.

Theda Foster, EEMCP


 Houston, Texas (Greenspoint Area)

Phone: (832) 693-4519

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Theda's primary focus is using Eden Energy Medicine to empower migraine sufferers to find relief naturally. Theda teaches Energy Medicine, NeiGong, and EFT to private clients and small groups. She also offers introductory and intermediate workshops in Eden Energy Medicine, NeiGong, and EFT. 


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* Theda is not licensed and does not practice any type of medicine, psychology, or any other licensed medical art. She is an Energy Wellness Coach and encourages all clients to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

Rand Gholson

Weatherford, Texas

Phone: (817) 841-8100

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We have established a specialized Alternative Healing Coaching business, centralized in Weatherford Texas. I travel and teach Eden Energy Medicine, Ascending Energies, developed an intensive acoustic sound therapy program and work in shamanic interventions and ceremonies. We work in close referral with many allopathic Drs. for auto-immune and PTSD issues.  Rand is also an Eden Energy Medicine faculty member, teaching in the Certification Program.


Eddie Guerra

Houston, Texas
Phone: (281) 646-0288

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Eddie is a massage therapist that integrates medical massage, therapeutic grade oils, Yoga techniques and Energy Medicine.  This can be an effective approach for dealing with injuries, surgeries, chronic conditions and various pain including back pain.  Website: 

Nancy Hampton

Houston, Texas


Phone: (832) 656-4642

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Registered Massage Therapist (MT #019078).  Energy Medicine for Body, Mind and Spirit, EFT, Therapeutic Massage.

Andrea Mincsak Bordelon, MBA

Lott, Texas

Phone: (254) 931-5441 or 1-800-319-2587

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Through the use of state of the art tools: Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) (a.k.a. Emotional Freedom Techniques), Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki and Intuition, I can help you remove the physical and emotional blocks, fears, or limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your success. Take the first step and see your goals and dreams become reality. Call today to reserve your FREE strategy session. Available for private sessions, teleseminars, and corporate workshops.

Sarah Owen, MS LPC

An Innersource "Recommended Senior Practitioner"

Dallas, Texas

Phone: (972) 364-9098, ext 2206

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Sarah is one of the founding faculty members of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, personally trained by Donna Eden.  Also a Licensed Professional Counselor, she combines 25+ years of experience of helping people heal and transform the core patterns that result in chronic illness and emotional distress.  Her style is supportive, insightful, intuitive and results oriented.  You leave your session with home care handouts tailored to your unique needs.Website:  Senior Faculty Eden Energy Medicine Institute, Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Foudations Program and Energy Medicine for Women Instructor.  One of the most highly trained and experienced Eden Energy Medicine practitioners worldwide!  

Valerie Rice

San Antonio, Texas

Phone: (210) 391-8000

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Valerie is in the practice of assessing one's energies and providing interventions to help the body resume its natural energy flow. She practices energy medicine by assessing your energies and providing acupressure, meridian tracing, chakra balancing, and other techniques to improve the energy flow in the nine energy systems in your body! She also teaches two, six hour classes (101 and 102) so you can learn to help yourself, your family and friends! Website: 

Marie Shepard RN BS

Houston, Texas
Phone: (281) 443-6660

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Intuitive Consultant, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner

Ruthi Smith Roberts

Lubbock, Texas
Phone: (806) 741-1559

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Massage Therapist, Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant, Listening Therapist, Reading Therapist  Website:

Stania Sestak, RMT

Houston, Texas

Phone: (713) 253-4208

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Stania has her own practice on the west end of Houston: holistic therapy & message. This is the best first choice therapy for stress management and relaxation, for difficult to explain or chronic tensions and aches & pains, which are too often stress-related, and for other "stressed-out-world" related health problems. Using particular personalized music & sound, essential oils, classic massage and other tools of healing work in cozy setting of her small office hidden from the busy world of big city.

Sarita Tennant

Houston, Texas
Phone: (713) 783-5011

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I have been a registered nurse, registered massage therapist, and  Certified Infant Massage Instructor and have had training in Healing Touch.

Janet York

Houston, Texas
Phone: (281) 558-9161
  Work: (713) 827-8031
    Cell: (713) 303-4824

BA - Contemplative Psychology  - emphasis in Health and Healing. Reg. Massage Therapist (RMT) in Texas.

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