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Pam Aronson

Grafton, Massachusetts

Phone: (508) 839-6535

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As the saying goes:  you can fish for them or teach them to fish.  Pam Aronson loves to teach people to fish. In her energy coaching practice, which is based primarily on Eden Energy Medicine, Pam helps clients understand that every one of us has much more control over our wellness than we can imagine. Through encouraging client self-care, supplemented by traditional Eden Energy Medicine protocols, Pam has witnessed amazing results.  You can, too.  Website:

Marion Bergan Irwin

Lennox, Massachusetts


Phone: (518) 229-8188

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Marion’s practice is a combination of acupuncture and energy medicine creating a unique approach to healing where she will evaluate your imbalances, then tailor a daily energy routine uniquely for you. This potentiates the treatments she gives, accelerating your healing process, and mostly empower you to take control of your health bringing harmony and balance to your life!  She has had a private clinical practice since 1998 and is an EEMCP Graduate.  Website:



Boxborough, Massachusetts

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Cerridwen, MA, EEMCP, HBLU II, NLP offers Aligning Energies work to assist with healing traumas; reducing pain, fear & suffering; clearing limiting beliefs & habits; resolving inner conflicts; clearing ancestral & past life entanglements and more.  Cerridwen's work reflects a life-long quest for powerful interventions to develop the client's own inner guidance and inner resources.  Techniques are drawn from Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Neurolinguistic Programming, contemporary shamanism, Hellinger constellation work and other sources.  Phone sessions available.
Visit my website:

Carol Chiang

North Chelmsford, Massachusetts


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Carol is a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and advanced student of Donna Eden.


Debra Duxbury, M.S. EEMCP

 Marblehead, Massachusetts

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I bring my 30 years as a Corporate Training Consultant to custom design wellness programs to help groups optimize their energy to improve their health and be more productive.
I also offer private sessions to individuals who want to restore their energies to their natural flow and correct any energetic imbalances.
A weekly study group is available to individuals who are interested in learning Donna Eden's Energy Medicine techniques.

Carl J. Ferreira, ND, CNHP, AM

Fall Rivers, Massachusetts

Phone: (508) 679-4199

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Through the use of comprehensive metabolic, nutritional, hormonal testing and analysis, our Individual Health Assessment will delineate definitive recommendations based on your individual biochemistry - no more guesswork! We will discover which foods and supplements are compatible with your metabolic type. We will uncover your hormonal imbalances, determine how and why they have arisen and what you can do to help restore proper balance.

Julie B. Fowler

Medway, Massachusetts

Phone: (508) 277-6680

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As an Eden Energy Medicine Certified practitioner (EEM-CP), Julie Uses Eden Energy Medicine in combination with holistic wellness education to empower clients to create vibrant, radiant and healthy lives.  Julie is also certified in Reiki Jin Kei Do and has had professional training in basic Homeopathy.  She is available for private sessions and classes.

Theresa Grisanti

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Phone: (413) 530-0407

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Theresa Grisanti is a Holistic Energy Coach with training in Nutrition, Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki and Psychology.  She brings 20 years of experience to helping women suffering from fatigue and autoimmune disorders to regain their health and re-energize their lives.  Theresa offers private coaching and energy medicine treatments to women in person and via Skype.

Amy L. Joseph, MA

Swansea, Massachusetts


Phone: (508) 379-0150

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Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy, licensed Mental Health Counselor, certified in EMDR, integrating Energy techniques into my private practice.  Additional office in Providence, Rhode Island.


Susan Kane

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Phone: (508) 435-3234

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I come from a Physical Therapy and Upledger Cranial Sacral background.  I am an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner.  I enjoy teaching workshops and basic study groups.  I particularly enjoy seeing people discover they are capable of helping themselves live a more balanced and vibrant life.

Ron Matthews

Marlborough, Massachusetts


Phone: (508) 251-1224

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I work with clients primarily using Eden Energy Medicine and EFT. My expertise in Qigong has fine-tuned my intuitive abilities and enables me to apply energy healing in the most immediate and direct manner for the client.   I regularly conduct seminars on the cultivation of human internal energy for improved quality of life, health and happiness.  Visit my website: 

Credentials: Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, EFT-CC certificate, Reiki Level I, Silva UltraMind Graduate, NLP Master Practitioner, Master's credentials in several Qi Gong systems (13 Tai Bao Gong, 8 Pieces of Brocade), Master's credentials in Yang Style Taiji Quan

Barbara Melvoin (Bunny)

Belmont, Massachusetts


Phone: (617) 484-7135

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Masters in Psychology and religion; I enjoy incorporating a spiritual dimension in my work and I also use Focusing Reiki and Narrative Therapy.

Judith Poole

Watertown, Massachusetts


Phone: (617) 923-8856

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Since 1986, I teach seminars and see clients using Qigong/T'ai Chi, Sound, Reiki, the Sedona Method, energy psychology and energy medicine, An empathic, intuitive healer, I wrote The Little Grounding Book and More Than Meets the Eye: Energy, available on my website. I specialize in helping you achieve your life and healing goals. Together we can address whatever stops you. People with allergies, depression, bipolar syndrome, excess weight or autoimmune conditions have found this approach helpful.  Visit my website: 

Lynne Rothstein

Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Phone: (978) 251-9800

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I am a certified Eden Energy Practitioner and a Licensed Psychotherapist in Massachusetts.  I utilize Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology to help clients experience better health and increased joy and happiness in their lives.  I specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, and a host of physical problems including autoimmune deficiency illnesses.  Website Address:

Eileen Schwartz, Ph.D.

Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


Phone: (617) 522-5918

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I am a psychologist who incorporates Energy Medicine into my practice.  I do a combination of energy work, talking therapy and neurofeedback, and get powerful results.  This can be an effective alternative approach for treating depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and traumatic brain injury.

Susan Amesbury Stone

Southborough, Massachusetts


Phone: (508) 480-9618

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I am an Acupuncturist, Polarity Therapist, Acutonics Practitioner, Nutritionist and Bach Flower Registered Practitioner.  I've been using energy based protocols in my practice for 18 years and have integrated Donna Eden's work into my practice over the past 4 years.  My focus is to help you envision and create the greatest level of health you desire.  My goal is to help you achieve your health goals. 

Visit My Website:

Linda R. Thayer

Wayland, Massachusetts


Phone: (508) 358-4713

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Licensed/Certified Massage Therapist dedicated to connecting with individuals on a heart level to facilitate healing using Sound, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Readings and Energy Medicine in a private setting.

Francine Weigand


Hamilton, Massachusetts


Phone: (978) 468-0258

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Offering private sessions using Donna Eden's style of Energy Medicine to clear and balance your body's chakras and meridians for improved health, learning, and performance.  Will also teach Donna's Daily Energy Routine to children and adults in a group, classroom, or athletic team setting.  Other experience includes meditation, reiki, intuitive readings, and hypnotherapy.

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