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Sandra Elleby Averhoff

Miami, Florida


Phone: (305) 856-7588


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My business is Quantum Energy Healing, Inc. I am a Quantum Biofeedback Therapist and have also completed the 2 year Donna Eden Certification program. I complement the biofeedback with Eden work. The biofeedback system measures subtle body electric & thermal changes in the client & feeds them back to the client via audio or video signals. These signals give the client awareness of the electrical & thermal changes thus allows them to better relax. After assessing imbalances I teach my clients how to stay balanced and stress-free with Eden Energy Medicine. I also give workshops in the Miami area.  Visit my website:


Filiz Bakir, AP, DOM

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Phone: (954) 713-6118


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Acupuncture Physician - Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Filiz is a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.  Filiz blends Donna's work into her Traditional Chinese Medicine practice.  Filiz also teaches Donna's method to other physicians and health practitioners as continuing education classes.  Call today for a private consultation.  Most insurance accepted.

Marla Bevan, PT

Sanford, Florida


Phone: (407) 474-1054

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Physical therapist practicing for more than 20 years.  Experience in cranial-sacral, myofascial release and Energy Medicine spanning pediatric to geriatric clients and anyone in between.

Gwenn Bonnell 

Davie, Florida

Phone: (954) 370-1552

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Practice and teach Energy Medicine and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), focusing on pain relief, weight issues, self-improvement, and abundance.

Suzette C. Boyette 

Orlando, Florida

Phone: (321) 230-2119

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Suzette integrates both worlds of traditional medicine as a women's health nurse practitioner in private practice with the complementary medicine modalities of energy medicine as a Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and an Usui/Karuna Reiki Shihan (Master/Teacher). She is available for evening and weekend sessions in Central Florida. Suzette is an EEMCP program two-year graduate.  Website:

Lynn Bretsnyder

Miami, Florida


Phone: (786) 417-7691

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Lynn Bretsnyder wants you to have it all.  She empowers you by removing the brakes for where you want to go and successfully aligns you with health and wealth.  Training with Donna Eden since 2002, she is Certified Advanced Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine. Authorized Energy Medicine for Women teacher, she leads retreats for women in exciting locations, prosperity webinars and EM workshops.  Powerful Quantum and intuitive skills magnify Lynns effectiveness.  Available: teach, lecture, sessions, local and long distance.  Feel better. Be stronger. Live richer. Website:

Jana Carrington

Orlando, Florida


Phone: (407) 325-6746

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Licensed massage therapist, reiki master, certified addiction professional specializing in care for caregivers.  License # MA34508

Joyce M. Claflin

St. Petersburg, FL 


Phone: (941) 445-2213

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Joyce is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker.  She is also a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner.  Her practice, Heavenly Guidance, specializes in various energy therapies ( and divine interactions aimed at providing relief, relaxation, (REIKI, Shamballa, Quantum Touch, Chakra Therapy, EFT and PSYCH-K) healing and self-empowerment to clients.  (LMT, MA46691)

Visit my website:

Paige Continentino

Tallahassee, Florida


Phone: (347) 724-2254

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Paige’s focus is on deep healing and life transformation through shifting of habitual energetic patterns.  She helps clients identify foundational energetic imbalances of physical, emotional and mental issues and teaches how to bring these back into balance to experience greater aliveness, joy and inner peace.  She is a Certified Professional Life Coach with a practice in Transformational Life Coaching and a long time student of meditation, teaching meditation to all ages and trained in MBSR.  Website:

Lisa Curtis
Orlando, Florida
Phone: (407) 810-1804

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Nationally certified and licensed massage therapist. License MA45805

Christine Danyi

Orlando, Florida


Phone: (407) 318-7318


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As a Holistic Health Practitioner with certifications in NLP and EFT(advanced), Christine brings emotional and physical wellness into your life. Eden Energy Medicine techniques are practiced and taught to all clients

Frank Dowler


Winter Park, Florida


Phone: (407) 677-0109

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Studying Energy Medicine and in massage therapy school to open an Energy Medicine practice.  Radio talk show host.

Kim Engstrom

Miami, Florida


Phone: (305) 285-9552

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 Linda Farren 

Naples, Florida

Phone: (317) 701-3255

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Linda is an Energy Medicine practitioner who is trained in both Eastern and Shamanic.   Visit her website:

Jenn Goddard

Orlando,  Florida

Phone: (407) 924-5526

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Jenn Goddard is a Personal Development Professional (EFT- Cert2 and NLP Master Practitioner) that helps her clients to make the changes and experience the healing they want by using energy medicine techniques including EFT, NLP, Hypnosis as well as Donna Edens Energy Medicine Techniques. Jenn loves what she does and is compassionate and committed to helping her clients reach their true potential.  Specializing in: Stress & Anxiety, Weight Loss, Child Behavior Issues, Blocks to Achieving in Business and Pain Release.  Website:

Nina Gomes

Lakeland, Florida


Phone: (516) 443-7008

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Nina Gomes, founder and practitioner at Chiron Arts llc since 2000. She is a certified Energy Arts Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, EFT practitioner, Shaman (global traditions) and utilizes Eden Energy Medicine practices. Nina employs time-honored natural transformational techniques to assist you on your personal journey  to bridge your Self and well Being. You can reach Nina for available sessions and classes (locally and long distance), workshops and lectures.  Website:

Judith Gulko Ph.D.

Coral Springs, Florida 33065
Phone: (954) 825-0461

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I am an experienced licensed psychologist who has been incorporating energy medicine and energy psychology into my work.

Cindy Haight

Winter Park, Florida


Phone: (407) 677-0109

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Registered Nurse, presently in Massage Therapy school studying Energy Medicine with intent to have an Energy Medicine practice.

Colleen A. Haney

Boca Raton, Florida


Phone: (561) 212-6862

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Energy communication specialist serving children with disabilities and their families; shock and trauma clients, Prepare for surgery, Heal Faster; Brain Gym, Healing Touch, Jin Shin Tara, Subtle Energy Healiing and Aim/Sanctuary 
Visit my website:

Oscar Hernandez

St. Petersburg, Florida


Phone: (727) 898-5900

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Acupuncture Physician, Energy Medicine, Cold Laser, Herbal, Pain Management, Internal Medicine. 

Visit my website:


Maxine Hudson

Oviedo, Florida


Phone: (407) 366-4044


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Maxine is a registered nurse practicing for more than 30 years, specializing in quality improvement.  She is trained in Energy Medicine, One Brain, energy psychology and hypnosis to facilitate clients in achiecing physical, mental, and emotional balance and self-awareness.  Maxine is currently in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification program.

Jackie Hugar

Goldenrod, Florida


Phone: (407) 679-5469

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I am a Burn/Trauma Nurse (RN, BSN, CCRN, soon to be LMT).  I hope to incorporate Energy Medicine into my patient care and as a support for my colleagues.

Oly Jimenez-Losada

Odessa, Florida

Phone: (727) 517-0181

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Energy Medicine saved my life.  My passion is assisting others in their healing path.  I specialize in Weight Management and Eliminating Pain.

Wendy Joffe

Miami, Florida
Phone: (305) 667-5232

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I am a psychologist and personal coach. In my clinical practice I work with individuals, couples and groups utilizing E.M.D.R, N.E.T. and Energy Medicine techniques.

Pamela Johnson

Altamonte Springs, Florida
Phone: (407) 578-9115

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Heidi Kaufmann

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Phone: (954) 260-4891

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I am very actively interested in this work and am using the techniques.


Alice Kemper

Delray Beach, Florida

Phone: (561) 627-2737

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September 2004, Founding Charter Member South Florida 
Study Group …Meets Monthly

Wanda Kendrick

Dade City, Florida


Phone: (813) 713-0525

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I am a Certified Addictions Professional.  I’ve studied and practice Qi Healing, (EFT) Emotional Freedom Techniques and Raphaelite Healing.  I am teaching and practicing Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Techniques.

Angela LaGrave

Tallahassee, Florida 32314
Phone: (850) 531-8367


Maryanne Lane LMT, CNMT, Cert EFT
FL Lic# MA12655

Hernando, Florida
Phone: (352) 341-1924

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20 plus years experience in energy medicine. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Meridian Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified in Touch for Health and numerous other energy modalites including Cert EFT-1. I have been working with the body and the energy field within since the mid-80's.


Kimberly LaRue

West Palm Beach, Florida

Phone: (561) 714-6131

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Kimberly  practices Energy Medicine Daily Routine and incorporate various techniques with CranioSacral Therapy, Massage, Yoga and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes.  I work with a variety of people with a variety of issues that need healing.  Speaker, Teacher, Healer. 


Judith Martinson-Savage

Cocoa Beach, Florida
Phone: (321) 784-2686 

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I am a licensed psychotherapist and incorporate energy medicine education into my treatment approach - Body - Mind - Spirit connection.

Liz Mason

Pinellas Park, Florida
Phone: (727) 542-8813

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Licensed massage therapist integrating masage and energy medicine.


Amy McDowell

Tallahassee, Florida


Phone: (850) 294-9495


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Intentions: Create and hold safe space for clients to deepen into the body's natural wisdom.  Offer support in restoring balance to the energetic systems of the body.  Share specific daily exercises to promote wholeness in spirit, mind and body.


Kate McPhillips, MOT, OTR/L

Sarasota, Florida

Phone: (941) 321-8049

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Licensed Occupational Therapist and Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner providing individual and group experiences, helping children and adults reach their fullest potential through learning to balance their physical, mental and emotional energy.

Jana Marie Messing

Taos, New Mexico
Tallahassee, Florida

Phone: (505)

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Faculty member of Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.  Providing classes and individual sessions, nationally and internationally.  Publisher of InnerResources Magazine, Energy Healing for Everyday Living.  Website:

Claudette Michaud


Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

Bonita Springs, Florida from
Mid December until May 1st. 

Phone: (239) 273-9302

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Energy medicine, Qigong, massage

Lyn Milum
Apopka, Florida
Phone: (407) 310-2732

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Lyn's practice integrates a variety of energetic, emotional, and therapeutic bodywork techniques to invite your energies to return to balance.  Her work is dedicated to conscious partnering with your inner healer for increased wellness, emotional ease, mental clarity, inspired productivity, peak physical performance, and spiritual joy.  Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and Certified Instructor in Eden Energy Medicine for Women.  Nationally Certified and State Licensed Massage Therapist.

Charlene F. Montour

Vero Beach, Florida
Phone: (772) 562-1564

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Registered respiratory therapist, RRT; B.A. Human Services certified transformational breath facilitator; CTBE educated/trained in holistic studies.

Gene Nelson

Big Torch Key, Florida
Phone: (305) 872-7456

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My practice consists of integrating the various elements of energy medicine with strong concentrations on Energy Psychology using EFT and other embedding technologies.

Visit my Website:

Lourdes O'Byrne

Miami Beach, Florida
Phone: (305) 759-0700

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Certified Addictions Counselor - Licensed Massage Therapist - Integrative Bodywork.

Barbara Parker

Morriston, Florida
Phone: (352) 529-9103

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Certified Western and Chinese Herbalist, Natural Healing Consultant, and Reiki II Practitioner.  From my place, Daydream Gardens, located in north-central Florida, I offer consultations, plus various classes and workshops, including classes on Energy Medicine.  I specialize in Nutritional, Botanical, and Energy Therapies.

Rossyn Pass

Miami, Florida
Phone: (305) 595-2600

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I  am a PhD. Iicensed pyschologist in private practice. I am certified in hypnosis, N.L.P., E.M.D.R., and have taken courses in N.E.T. & Neuro-Emotional Training  and now Energy Medicine.

Vicki Perez


Dade City, Fl 

Phone: (352) 235-0894

Looking forward to starting a professional practice after Certification in February, 2008. 

Sheryl A. Purnell

Cape Coral, Florida

Phone: (239) 691-9395

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Registered Nurse (RN BSN CMSRN) and Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner offering individual sessions or group classes to people of all ages. Focus is on stress management and balancing energies to create a sense of wellbeing and increased vitality through the use of EEM, music and movement.  Located in South West Florida.

Alma Lovaton Quagliato


Miami, Florida


Phone: (305) 857-0050

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“All healing work is Energy work! In my practice I incorporate Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and traditional psychotherapy to holistically assist clients in obtaining their goals. Through compassion, loving intention and sensitivity I am able to tune in to clients' needs on whatever level they are comfortable with. It is truly my honor to be a part of their sacred journey. “ 

Kathy Rubino

Altamonte Springs, Florida


Phone: (407) 332-8401

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Janice Sage

St. Augustine, Florida
Phone: (904) 797-2494 

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Chiropracter using gentle low force techniques; Reiki (levels 1 & 2); Reconnective healing; Caring for children and adults of all ages.

Renee Sarra

Bonita Springs, Florida


Phone: (239) 390-1800


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Come over to my website and learn more about me; intuitive massage, and energy medicine therapist.  Eleven years experience in the Bonita Springs/Naples/Fort Myers area.  My main attraction is allowing the natural progression of an individuals path to unfold and evolve.  Energy Medicine has given me the language to help teach others what is happening in their own bodies.  It is the patient who comes first, I listen respectfully and respond accordingly, to bring peace and harmony back into the body.

Peter Schalow

Clearwater, Florida


Phone: (727) 517-0181

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Practicing Energy Medicine daily, supporting my wife and friends, specializing in magnet therapy.

Sonja Serini

Lighthouse Point, Florida
Phone: (954)786-9750

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Cheryl Shaklett
Venice, Florida  
Phone: (941) 497-7182

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Melanie Smith, DOM, AP

An Innersource "Recommended Senior Practitioner"


St. Petersburg, Florida


Phone: (727) 522-6515

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Melanie Smith is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Feng Shui Consultant. Her practice Well Within Natural Medicine is located in St. Petersburg, Florida where she integrates a variety of energetic, emotional, and therapeutic bodywork techniques, as well as, homeopathy, herbs and nutritional supplements. Dr. Melanie’s work weaves Body, Mind and Spirit to help her patients fully realize a personal vision of wellness.  She believes in empowering the patient through education and participation in their own healing process to awaken the healer within.
Dr. Melanie is also senior faculty for Donna Eden and facilitates a monthly Energy Medicine Study Group. She travels the country speaking and teaching on The Power of Energy Medicine and just returned from facilitating the Energy Medicine Tour to China.  She is the author of the Energy Medicine for Healthy Living, TM, series of DVD’s and Color Laminated Charts.  With ten years as a Holistic Health Care Practitioner and 15 years of corporate business experience in the computer consulting profession, Dr. Melanie has the knowledge and ability to bring Energy Medicine into the mainstream. She is a dynamic speaker, teacher, and presenter you won’t want to miss.  Join us as she helps you explore Energy Medicine and how it can work for you.  Find out more at


Florida Licenses:  AP 1828, MA 0025594


Juli Steinocher, MA, LMHC

St. Petersburg, Florida


Phone: (727) 459-5045

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Juli has found great success combining energy medicine and energy psychology techniques for helping people with common stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, etc. Special training includes Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT-ADV), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) and PSYCH-K®.  To learn more, go to www.mindbodylab.comFlorida License MH9255


Judith D. Struck, MA, LMT (MA60891)

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Phone: (904) 477-2388

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My practice as a Somatic Therapist incorporates Eden Energy Medicine with numerous mind/body techniques that I have studied as a holistic counselor. Though each session is individually crafted to meet the needs of the client, I encourage body/mind awareness and self-empowerment in the quest for well-being. My greatest joy comes from the ability to hold the space for others to find their level of healing.

Dr. Sherwood (Woody) Swartz

Aventura, Florida
Phone: (305) 792-0007  
             (786) 271-0325

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Touch for Health instructor since 1979.  Energy Medicine for practitioners in Miami, Florida.

Cliff Topping

Tampa, Florida
Phone: (813) 962-0728

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Hospice chaplain attempting to integrate energy medicine in serving patients, families and staff.

Lisa Van  Ostrand

Miami Beach, Florida


Phone: (786) 512-7096

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Brennan healing scientist practitioner. Dr. of medical Qigong.  Core energetics therapist. Certified yoga teacher.

Marta M. Vila

Miami, Florida

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Spiritual healer – Reverend. My goal is to make everyone become whole.  Bring Body-Mind & Spirit into harmony.  Also Reiki Master, Magnified Healing, Touch for Health,  Advanced Kinesiology.

"I salute the Light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells; for when you are at that Center within you and I am in that place within me, we shall be one"

        -Crazy Hose, Lakota

Lori Volano

Sopchoppy, Florida


Phone: (850) 962-7805

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Life and Energy Coaching.  Visit my website: 


Susanne J. Wright


Orlando, FL


Phone: (407) 970-8610

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Graduate of Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program and nationally certified and licensed massage therapist (MA 45794). Specializing in relieving deep-seated stress and anxiety, and in teaching self-health techniques to individuals and groups.

Elaind Zurowski

Orlando, Florida

Phone: (407) 521-2018

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Undergrad degree in Family Counseling; Masters of Science Degree; professional Florida Educator's Certificate. Currently enrolled in second year of Eden Energy Medicine program.  After graduating from the CP program, I will use energy medicine in small groups working with children and adults as well as one-on-one sessions. I enjoy teaching others  how to stay joyful and vital through the use of energy medicine.

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