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Kelmie Blake, LMT, NCTMB

An Innersource "Recommended Senior Practitioner"

Flagstaff, Arizona
Phone: (928) 856-1058

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Specializing in energy based bodywork. Advanced training in Energy Medicine, Pranic Healing, Reiki, and Aromatherapy. Website:


Beth Cornell

Surprise - Glendale, Arizona

Phone: (602) 309-1915

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Arizona Energy Wellness offers energy sessions and meditation to put you in touch with your body's innate ability to balance and be well, regardless of your current health condition.  Modalities: Upledger CranioSacral Therapy, Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Chios Meditation Classes, Reiki Workshops, Public Walking Meditation.

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Katie Davis

Tempe, Arizona

Phone: (541) 655- 0067

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Katie graduated with a masters in education from Oregon State University.  She has used Eden Energy Medicine to reestablish and maintain her health. Sharing energy medicine with others has become a passion.  Graduate, 2011 -  Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program

Marie Fowler

Tempe, Arizona


Phone: (480) 456-6816

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MSW candidate and certified Holistic Health Practitioner with over twelve years of experience.  Trained and certified by leading doctors, psychologists and practitioners in the holistic field.  Backround includes training medical doctors in these modalities.

Malonie Gabriel 

Mesa, Arizona


Phone: (480) 668-1448

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BA, LMT, NCBTMB, Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Lymph Drainage Therapist, Oncology Massage, Healing Touch Practitioner. Malonie conducts energy medicine study groups. Website:

Risa Hearn

Flagstaff, Arizona

Phone: (775) 781-0485

Nevada Practitioner Most of the Year

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Risa is in Arizona during the summers only. 
She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Drama, however, nothing has impacted my life more or been more validating than learning and teaching others the health and life benefits of Energy Medicine.  She has taken Donna Eden's advanced classes up to and including the training in The Basic Grid.  Risa is also part of the EEMCP faculty.

Lori Keeley

Chandler, Arizona


Phone: (480) 332-9190

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Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Medicine practitioner.  Visit my website:

James Knochel

Phoenix, Arizona

Phone: (928) 925-0279

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James builds Edgar Cayce's Radial Appliance and studies Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and other related philosophies. 


Visit my website: Radial Appliance

Jan Langford

Tempe, Arizona


Phone: (480) 962-8950

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I have a background in traditional psychology (B.A.) and Masters level training in Rapid Eye Therapy MRET.  I have a private practice based completely on energy psychology methods and energy medicine techniques.  

Mega R. Mease

Tucson, Arizona


Phone: (520) 296-9545

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Multi-dimensional Energy Healer, Energy Diagnostic, Clairvoyant.  Visit my website:

Doris A. Prince

Mesa, Arizona

Phone: (480) 898-1695
     Cell: (602) 550-6338

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I am a certified Master Rapid Eye Technician, Energy Medicine is used daily throughout all my work. I have practiced natural healing for the past 30 plus years... Clean eating, thinking and exercise bring the greatest joy and value in life.

Jyoti Rawlinson, LMT

Sedona, Arizona


Phone: (928) 282-7614

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A Holistic Bodywork Practitioner since 1990, Jyoti focuses on creating a nurturing, loving presence in which the individual's innate healing ability manifests. She specializes in energy-centered bodywork, drawing on expertise gained completing the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program and classes learning directly from Donna Eden, as well as some Barbara Brennan-based energy work. Jyoti offers Informal Eden Energy Medicine classes in Sedona, by request. Website: 

Amy Schill

Tucson, Arizona

Phone: (520) 241-4750

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Amy is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner. She has a growing practice in Tucson, Arizona. She practices Eden Energy Medicine, including Grid and Regression. She is also certified in The Dolores Cannon Regression Method. Amy loves sharing Energy Medicine with people, and experiencing the power of balance.

Marie A. Slottow


Scottsdale, Arizona


Phone: (734) 719-1045

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Maria specializes in Stress Release Coaching and Energy Balancing for health and well-being.  She is happy ot work with clients who would like help accessing their own ability to heal.  To assist her clients, she draws on her own intuition and formal training as a certified practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Though Field Therapy, Matrix Reimprinting, Reconnective Healing and Law of Attraction Counseling.  Website:

Ryah (S.L. Taylor)

Sedona,  Arizona


Phone: (928) 282-2811

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I draw upon studies of many modalities of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, mind bodywork, shamanic work, and guided visualization to facilititate transformations and help you reach your heart's and soul's truest desires.

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